5 Ways To Prevent Bullying In Your School

As we all have experienced our school life enjoyable and a little tough. Some students are victims to bullying. Well this can discourage student and make him/her mentally weak and depressed. I myself have seen a lot of students getting bullied in my school life. The victim students get depressed and victim to loss of confidence. Once a boy in my school was bullied and he was called with irritating and bad names. He suffered for almost 1-2 months and then he had enough but the end was a fight. He punched the boy who bullied him and he punched back. The boy was still bullied with those names but what could he do. He was complained to his parents for fighting in school. And the boy was all torn inside and couldn’t even stand back now.

Well here are some simple ways that can help you out in preventing bullying.

  • Wise Choice of People: You should choose good and nice people around you especially your friends. Friends play an essential role in your life. If you have friends who won’t leave you in your bad situations you still have courage and hope.

  • Fear: Fear leads to more hunters around you. The more you are afraid, the more proper victim you are. Be brave and have confidence in yourself. If you won’t stand today you’ll be down on ground whole your life. If they can bully you then remember you can stop them doing so. You just have to believe in yourself.

  • Communication and Wise Speech: Start communicating with other children and stop sitting mute. If you’ll speak to other children in room the chances of being bullied will be reduced. Being conserved and not open to others is one of the reasons due to which children get bullied. Communication shows that you are not the one who’ll sit still and lips zipped when something wrong happens. You have to choose your words wisely. Don’t give anyone any type of opening to strike you back. You must keep your speech humble and strong.

  • Ignorance: We have seen in our life that sometimes where talking and making others understanding doesn’t work, ignorance helps a lot. All you have to do is that you should avoid the place and company which can make you as a clear and final victim to the bullying one’s eye. Stay hidden and avoid the area where you feel is a bad and disturbing community for you. You should stay close to the people who have a positive vibe and wise manners. This will help you develop your confidence and you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary issues in your future life too.

  • Parents and Teachers involvement: A child should be dealt with love and encouragement and shouldn’t be hurt. This will help children to be more comfortable and free with their teachers and parents. Surely, children will also try to involve parents and teachers in their daily life issues. Children will communicate with their parents and teachers so that the issue gets sorted out. Parents and teachers involvement in child’s daily life activity helps in preventing bullying.

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