A Mysterious Under-Water Cave With Full Of Skeletons! Is Here

Under water, world has a lot to offer to everyone. Many unsolved mysterious things exist under the deep blue waters. As the time passes, we come across numerous obscure stories and things related to the oceans.

From our ancient ancestors to till us, we mostly believe that tons of tons jewels and treasures are hidden under the seabed. But, have you ever in thought about a mysterious cave which taken away the lives of thousands turtles?? Not yet! For you, today we have came up with an interesting write up…

An island of Sipadan which is nestled in the heart of Celebes Sea of Sabah, Malaysia turned as graveyard of turtles.

As we all knew that Sipadan is very famous for turtle spotting. A devils cave aka turtle cave beneath the crystal waters with 20 meters depth from surface. Due to several chambers inside the cave, any visitor or marine animal miss the routes and droned down. As we see, the caves are filled with white sand where galore of skeletons of turtles which entered into this cave are seen.

Apart from turtles remains one can also see the skeleton of dolphin a side. At the entrance of the cave one can see a caution board consists, divers are not allowed to enter into the cave without proper diving equipments and a lot of experience.

If you are dare and energetic then pay a visit to this mysterious chambers cave of turtles graveyard.

(Image & Video Courtesy: FB & Youtube)

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