Asifa Rape Case: Nirbaya’s Reaction on Rape Case Victim of India

Rape victim of India

Asifa, a 8-year old Rape case victim of India: The 8-year old Asifa Banu who was kidnapped, drugged and raped by group of men was one among the Rape case victim of India. Here is how Nirbhaya reacted to this most painful incident.

Hello Indians, this is Nirbhaya. I guess you remember me because my death involves iron rod, bus and group of men. Yes, I feel this is the reason which forced you to remember me.

Rape case victim of India

Due to your ignorance, I found a new friend named Asifa in the heaven. I felt really pity by seeing the innocence of the girl. While discussing with her, I came to know know that she was kidnapped, drugged and gangrapped in a temple.
I was really shocked to hear a police also involved in the group of the men who was raped her.

Rape case victim of India

However, we are dead. The name of many women and girls like me who lost the lifes become political agendas. You pretend to care because your sisters, daughters and other women belongs to your family are in perepetual terror.

I guess you are in plans to organize the cute candle march. Be careful and make sure it is done before 6 P.M. or else the women who participate in the candle march might be raped there as well.

I am feeling so happy that I was died in Singapore during treatment not in India because I came to know that India men will rape corposes too. The teachers who need to teach the skills lack common sense, father who needs to guide rapes daughters. And police men questions the victim in such a way she feels shy.Rape case victim of India

Your ignorance is really hurting me alot. Your women and lawmakers lack unity and seriousness. The heaven is already overcrowded with the rape case victim of India and other countries like me who lost their lives due to your ignorance. It is already late, just wake up.

Remember that if it is full, I will send them back to earth as your daughters, mothers and sisters. Then you will come to know the pain of us when they were raped with iron rod by group of men. Maybe then, you’ll realise, that you need to change.

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