Awe Movie Review: Different Genres and One Single Life

Awe Movie Review– Different Genres and One single Life

Awe Movie Characters:
Who are Those People- Two love birds, A fake Chef, An Arrogant Magician, A drug addict, A Scientist who is actually a watchman, a fish who knows cooking and a Tree who cares for environment.
What they want- Love Birds Wanted to Marry, The chef needs a job to meet his daily expenses, The magician who is actually skilled thinks that he is the great, A waitress who met the ghost, A Watchman who wanted to meet his parents via technology.

Awe Movie Detailed Analysis :
The storyline is very good. Director Prashant Varma who has earlier directed short films like Dialogue in the Dark, Denamma Jeevitham, used all his experience and showed his skills by directing a complicatedly written Multi Genered Plot. Each and every artist carries a specific genre and when they comes on screen, our excitement and enthusiasm reaches sky.

Awe Movie Final Point :
If you are a film lover, each and every cell in your body jumps with excitement for watching a great film. Try to reach the theatres early, as there are some twists which you wouldn’t want to miss. And last but not least Thank you Nani and Prashant for showing us a World class cinema.

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