Baahubali’s Chariot Inspired, Sweeping Roads

Ballaladeva’s Sword Chariot – Road Sweeping Chariot

Baahubali, the Rajamouli’s directorial, created huge buzz over the World with its powerful characters like Baahubali, Ballaladeva, Devasena, Avantika, Katappa and others. Along with the epic story line, powerful characters and visuals, the things used in the Baahubali movie also inspired many people over the World. Here we’ve presented one for your reference. Have a look through…

The antagonist of Baahubali, Ballaladeva (Rana)’s sword wheel chariot played a major role in defeating the Kalakeya soldiers. Right??? Inspired by this, a Chhattisgarh’s civic body designed a new road sweeping machine equipped with eight brooms that resembles the Ballala’s chariot.

Regarding this road sweeping chariot, Durg Municipal Corporation Commissioner SK Sunderani said, “It’s an innovative idea. We pressed this machine into service today. It is not only cost-effective but seems addressing the shortage of sanitation workers in the civic body. As compared to expensive hi-end sweeping machine, which is equipped with automatic and hi-tech cleaning features worth of Rs 60 lakh, this locally designed machine can be repaired by local mechanics.”

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Hope this new innovation help the Municipal Corporation in maintaining the roads clean.

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