‘Blue Whale’ Game Killed 113 Teenagers; Please Avoid Playing

‘Blue Whale’ Game Killed 113 Teenagers; Please Avoid Playing

Playing games is obviously a best thing in everyone’s life. From being a kid to a grandparent, we love to play games in every stage of our life cycle.

But along with the age, the type of game we play changes. Here we’ve briefed a game, Blue Whale, that lead the player to self-death (suicide).

Blue Whale game assigns a series of challenges (one challenge per day) for a period of 50 days, where the 50th day challenge is to commit suicide.

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The blue whale game challenges list include stepping roof (top floor) at 4:20 am, watching scary videos sent by the administrators at 4:20 am, cut lengthwise veins of the arm (not deep) only three cuts, cut the lip, climb on the crane etc.

Unlike the normal games which inspires, competes and excites us, Blue Whale motivates the players/users in such a way that they feel all the people are cruel and we must die to reach the god’s world to be happy.

According to Wikipedia, many teenagers from countries like Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Georgia, Italy, Kenya, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela committed suicides.

However, there are some people who  are arguing that there is no truth in the deaths related to the Blue Whale game.

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Hope the government officials will find a solution to save the teenagers from the outcomes of the adventurous game, Blue Whale.

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