Cruelest Punishment for Rape Across The World

Punishment for rape

Rape is one among the most horrible crimes. Be it India or any other country Rape is the considered as the biggest crime and punishment for rape is very cruel. Unlike the other countries where rape convicts are punished horribly, there is a drastic increase in rape cases in India.

Particularly, the ever increasing rate of rapes in India is making every girl to think twice while stepping out from home. Not only outside, there is no safety for girls insife the houses also. Yes, there are many rape cases buzzing in the social media platforms where girl child raped by relatives, months-old baby raped by father, school girl raped by uncle etc.

Punishment for rape

Frustated with the increasing rape cases in India, most people are demanding stict punishment for Rape convicts. But, the Indian government is not taking this issue seriously due to the unknown reasons.

Here we have mentioned a few punishment for rapists implementing by different countries to eradicate the rape cases and save girls from rapes.

Punishment for Rapes in China
The punishment for rape in China is death sentence. Regardless of age or gender of the person, China rape punishment is a death sentence. And sex with the girl under 14 years old is considered as rape in China even the girl is a prostitutes.

Punishment for rape

Punishment for Rape in Iran

Iran punish the rapists by hanging them in public. Yes, what you read is true. Punishment for rape in Iran is death sentence by hanging the rapist in public. And sometimes, the rapist will be shot in public by the victim. However, the rapist can escape from death penalty if the victim asks government to leave the rapist. Even though he/she is liable to have 100 lashes or life imprisonment.

Punishment for rape

Rape Punishment in Afghanistan

Rape case punishment in Afghanistan is death sentence. The rapists in Afghanistan will be shot in the head within just four days from the case registered date and in some cases the rapists will be hanged. But, according to the Muslim law, the victim of the rape case need to marry the person who has raped her. If not, her family members will murder that girl in order to keep honor.

Punishment for rape in Saudi Arabia

Punishment for rape

The rapists of Saudi Arabia are beheaded and murdered in public. After that, they will stitch body and head together before burying. In some cases, the rapists will be killed by throwing stones at he/she until death.

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