Decent Shortfilm “Thanu Nenu Premalo” Hit 6000 View In Just 2 Hours

Even though many intends to enter film industry, lack of support won’t let them do so. But, with the unstoppable passion towards movie, a team of five guys made a Shortfilm named “Thanu Nenu Premalo” to prove their skills.

The perfect fusion of an excellent story line, passionate Director, skillful Cinematography, Editing and Music help in hitting more than 8000 YouTube views in a span of half-a-day.

Watch Thanu Nenu Premalo Here

Directed by Manikanta (Sidhu) and Durga Prasad (D.P), Thanu Nenu Premalo was produced by Mohan & Team. The DOP, Vinod Sagar, pictured every screen beautifully with village atmosphere.

The pleasent music by Sai kumar Kunchaparthi and marvellous editing work done by Kiran Koduri help the Directors in presenting movie in a more decent way. Thanu Nenu was enacted by Siva Nemala, Saritha, Suresh Babu Mavilla and Ramu Rockz.

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1 Comment on "Decent Shortfilm “Thanu Nenu Premalo” Hit 6000 View In Just 2 Hours"

  1. Bhargava Vippagunta | September 24, 2017 at 9:36 am | Reply

    Hi Mohan bagundhi ra.try to be simple.gelupu valla nee responsibility, expectations perugutundhi.Tirupati,Simhapuri(Nellore) lo yemaina plan cheyi.vastam.try to be reachable to ur friends.

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