Delete Facebook: 5 Reasons To Delete Facebook Now

Delete Facebook

Delete Facebook, You might have come across many posts on Twitter and Facebook saying Delete the Fb account. Even though, many don’t know about the exact reason to Delete Fb, they are following the trend of searching for How to delete Facebook without any reason. To let you know the reason of this Facebook deleting campaign, here we’ve listed a few tweets and Facebook posts and explained steps to How to delete Facebook. Have a look through.

Reasons to Delete Fb Account:

  • Screenshots of jokes you saw on Twitter 4 days ago
  • Aunts sharing shore memes
  • Raciest Uncles
  • It’s just a crèche for morons

If you want any reason you do not want to delete Fb account I suggest you edit the privacy rights third party app developers have your data.

The reason for deleting Facebook is “Racism does not go against our community standards.

Reason for removing Facebook account is: full of fake news

We need to Request Facebook to delete our account permanently.

Think well before permanently delete Facebook to avoid consequences.

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