Every Indian Must Know These Details Of Presidential (First Citizen Of India) Elections

Ahead of India’s Presidential elections, we’ve detailed the President Eligibility, Candidates participated (NDA led BJP’s Ramnath Kovind and UPA led Congress Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar) Voters and the electoral college members who elects the president.

We all know that India is a biggest democratic nation across the world which respects everyone’s rights and opportunities. To preserve the core values of the democracy from the political tactics, we need a person called president as per our written constitution. He is the ultimate head and first citizen of  country in order to save the people’s fundamental rights. Have you an idea about ongoing presidential poll in the India? No, Okay well. Don’t you need to worry as we are here to brief you about the poll.

The seventh largest nation, in terms of area, is going to pick a person for the most important post in the country. Take a look who will elect the country’s first citizen through electoral college.

The electoral college, which elects the president, members as follows.

  1. Elected members of Upper House of the Parliament (Rajya Sabha).
  2. Elected members of the Lower House ( Lok Sabha).
  3. Elected members of each state Lower Houses (Legislative Assembly, Vidhan Sabha).
  4. Elected members of each state Upper House (Legislative Council ).
  5. Lawmakers of Union Territories.

Have a Look At Eligibility to be First Citizen Of India

  • Should be a citizen of India, who has crossed 35 years of age.
  • Must be eligible to be a Parliament Member.
  • Should not hold any position which gives profit under the Government of India or State Governments.

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Public Representatives who going to cast their vote

We have 77 Members in the Parliament which consists Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha around the cournty. From all states, 41200 Legislative and Council members are there to cast their votes to the presidential poll. After the poll, The Election Commission of India determines the winners who has secured 50 % votes in the polls.

This year two candidates are going to test their fate in the poll. From NDA led BJP, Ramnath Kovind is the contender who is expected to crack the presidential poll with a grand majority. UPA led Congress and other 16 regional political parties has supported Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar. So we are expressing the best wishes to both of them.

Note: The results will be announced on 24th July.

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