Handicapped Beggar Earns Rs.1 Million a Month For His Three Wives

Baraik, a resident of Chakradharpur, West Singhbhum who was handicapped in both his legs is a beggar. He works as a distributor for a leading company named Vestige that deals in health and personal care products.

Once he’s done begging in the morning, he wears a suit and tie in the evening, chairing meetings with 20 staff members who are managing this venture.

Baraik has a blissful married life with his three wives among which one will help run his utensil shop. He will share the amount he earned from other businesses among other two wives.

“My first wife runs the utensil shop. The income from begging and the marketing business is distributed equally among my other two wives. Thus there can be no dispute among them,” he said.

(Source: Gulfnews.com)

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