High Alert: Everything You Need To Know About The Smog That Surrounds Metro Cities

Smog is the combination of two words smoke and fog. The air is mainly a composition of oxides of sulphur and nitrogen, minute particulates and ozone. Smog is striking the metro cities because of the release of the gases from coal emission, burning of straw, emission from the vehicles and industrial fumes.

Smog or Fog, What’s The Difference?

Often, we get confuse between smog and fog. This is because the smog appears similar to fog and is usually seen during winters. Fog has tiny water droplets or crystals of ice that are suspended in the atmosphere.

Unlike fog, smog can be dark in colour because of the presence of the pollutants in it which gives it grey or brown colour. Fog depends upon the typology, presence of the water bodies and the movement of air. Whereas, smog is common in cities having a dry and warm climate.

Every year, during winters, cities like Delhi, Kanpur, Jamshedpur, etc. faces heavy smog. The recent thick smog layer that is making everyone aware of the decreasing air quality of Delhi. Various measures are being taken by the NGT, Supreme Court and the Delhi government to control the condition that is worsening.

What happened to the air quality of Delhi?

  • The adjacent states like UP, Punjab, and Haryana burn stubble that releases greenhouse gases.
  • Increasing number of vehicles in the urban areas that releases vehicular emissions.
  • Ignorance towards the fly ash utilization policy.
  • Dust flow due to the unpaved areas.
  • India​i​moving towards an industrialized country from agriculture-dependent country.

A comprehensive strategy, collaboration with the technologically and environmentally sound countries like Bhutan which has managed to maintain its clean environment despite being a small and a poor country

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