‘Jai Lava Kusa’ Movie Review: A Commericial Blockbuster

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The following that the tollywood provides to a top notch hero is incredible. And when one of those notches attempts something daring, fans go eager to know what he has stepped into.

Recently, as we all know our young tiger NTR has be essaying a three character role in his latest upcoming movie ‘Jai Lava Kusa’. The basic story line has been leaked.

It is a prestigious project for Natarudra NTR as he is one of the lead actors for handling multiple variations in his roles. In the current movie, Jai, Lava Kumar and the other Kusa;

Jai is said to be a notorious criminal.

Lava Kumar is an honest and innocent bank employee.

Kusa is a drama actor who aspires to a role in movies.

The story begins when Lava Kumar is arrested on charges of bank robbery. His look-alike, the film actor too is suspected to have a crime side behind him. And the truth is Jai, the criminal plans and works out the crimes.

It all began when Jai comes to know about these two people who look alike him and learning more about their jobs while he impersonates them. After accomplishing the task, he implicates the other two leaving them scapegoats.

The story has some unanswered suspense, while we already know who is jai through the latest trailer? How he troubled the innocent look-alikes and what happened the other two is what we are left unanswered. Finally, how they are saved from the mastermind Jai? I hope it’s a really interesting story line.

The fans were in a hype and expecting the best from Natarudra NTR in his three characters. This movie can be one of a mile-stone in the career of NTR. Rashi Khanna and Niveda Thomas has been chosen as lead actresses in the movie. Bobby is the director. So lets expect the best from him in designing NTR in a new look.

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