Labrador Dog Startled Lady Anchor And Interrupted Live Broadcast In Russia

We often come across various videos where the news or any other entertainment channel anchor’s funny expressions recorded. The reason behind may be to grab public attention or to generate income from their youtube channel.

Whatever may be the case, the funny expressions of the anchors excites us always. Anchor’s who looks decent and speaks politely in front of the camera, behaves as a normal person outside the camera.

Here we come across such video where a Labrador Dog placed beside a lady anchor while she is reading the news. Being an animal which doesn’t know politeness, the Dog suddenly, jumped from its place and startled the lady anchor. The anchor somehow tried to continue reading the news. But the Labrador Dog doesn’t let the anchor do so.

The most exciting thing here is… It’s a live broadcast. The funny moves of the Dog and thrilled expressions of the anchor exited the views of the live broadcast. Here We’ve Presented The Video For You… Watch & Enjoy…

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