Lost Your Baggage During Airline Travel? Find It At The ‘Unclaimed Baggage’

Have you ever lost your belongings during airline travel or in Airport? Failed to reclaim your luggage till three months (90 days) of the journey? Then try getting it from the ‘Unclaimed Baggage‘ at discounted prices.

Established in 1970 in Alabama (US), Unclaimed Baggage buys the unclaimed luggage from various airports. From which the valuable things like books, electronic goods etc., will be sorted out to sell them at discounted prices. Other things like clothes which can be re-utilised will be donated to help people around the world. The remaining things which are unsuitable to sell or donate will be trashed.

Pay a visit to ‘Unclaimed Baggage’, so as to buy belongings of yours or others’ at cheaper rates.

(Image & Video Courtesy: Facebook & Youtube)

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