Manasuki Nachindi Review: Nature is Pure but Presentation is Poor

Manasuki Nachindi Movie Review

Manasuki Nachindi Movie Cast(Who are Those Guys:) Hero (Suraj) played by Sundeep Kishan, who knows nothing but wanted to become a Nature Photographer. A heroine(Nithya) played by Amyra dastur, who is a nature lover and a Yoga Teacher.

Manasuki Nachindi Movie Plot (What’s Their Story)- Suraj loves Photography but don’t know how to click amazing photos. Nithya knows everything except whom she is really loving.

Will they Give us Happy Ending – Yes. They offers us a Happy ending with the mediocre story line and emotionally disconnected Scenes. As The climax is approaching, he himself identifies his love for nature and Nithya. By then Audience might have taken a Nap or went outside for a cigar.

Manasuki Nachindi Movie Highlights: Positives and Negatives (Final Point): Manjula wrote some good lines for nature and mother earth, but they went into exile by improper story telling and boring characters. Camera work by Ravi Yadav is decent and music by Rathan is good. Production Values are amazing. SuperStar Mahesh Babu as Nature shares his thoughts only for 5 minutes. Story is outdated and Performances by lead pair is good. Nature is Pure but Manjula’s presentation is poor. Thumbs Down !

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