Most Haunted Places of Chennai

Haunted Places of Chennai

Top Most Haunted Places of Chennai

The dilapidated houses of Chennai turned grey and haunted, as the days are crash and darkness prevailing. There are many popular tourist places in Chennai including the historical, pilgrimage, beaches, parks, luxurious restaurants, etc. Along with these most rush areas, Chennai houses a few haunted places where no one will dare to step-in. Yes, what you heard is true. The government is also advising people to avoid visiting most haunted places of Chennai – top 3 most haunts due to the regular mysterious incidents happening over there.

De Monte Colony – A ghost who misses the home:
Located near St.Mary’s road, Demonte Colony is listed in the most haunted places in Chennai. This is due to the rumors saying that a Portuguese merchant who lived an unhappy leaving behind an aura of darkness long after his death.
Spooky real life experiences: According to the locals, after he lost his sanity, he murdered his mentally unstable wife, servants and ultimately committed suicide. There are many people and pets who have entered the colony could not survive.

Karikattu Kuppam: Blood Souls
Karikattu Kuppam is a small hamlet located near the East coast. This has been the place which worst hit by Tsunami in 2004. Due to the unexpected natural calamity, many people dead and caused an upsurge of unsatisfied souls in the vicinity. Karikattu Kuppam is a deserted area with a temple and a unsatisfied souls making it a most haunted place of Chennai.
Spooky Real life experiences: Many of the local people says that they have found blood drops and chopped body parts on the floor of the temple. And it is difficult to trace their presence.

F2 Building, Valmiki Nagar – Haunted by a daughter
The building which is located just a 15 km from Chennai airport in Valmiki Nagar is one among the most haunted places of Chennai. The adobe of the girl who committed suicide 10 years ago has been hunted in this house.
Spooky Real Life Experience: Many of the local people says that they witnessed the soul of the girls opens house for the visitor post-midnight and offers the hospitality a guest is supposed to get. Even Google marked this place as haunted on its map.

In addition to these, there are many other most hunted places in Chennai including Madras Christian College – The ghost of a failed romantic, Anna Flyover – A Building full of ghosts, 2 landed east coast road – Ghosts of the road, Wipro Technologies CDC5, Besant Avenue road – meet a ghost with a strange sense of humor and Broken bridge, Besant Nagar – where women demand justice even after death.

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