Paisa Vasool Review: A Full-Meal For Balayya And Puri Fans

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First Half showcases Theda Singh’s body language and histrionics in typical Puri style. Balayya’s extreme style comedy works in parts.

Intervel Bang gives us a hint about Theda Singh’s flash back. Break time with a twist.

Second Half A full-length revenge story in Puri’s style added with marvelous Balakrishna’s dialogue delivery.

Balayya’s entry with Paisa Vasool Title song. Balayya does a Sr.NTR in second song ‘Kanti Choopu Cheptundi O Pilla’. Third song ‘Padhamari’ is just an okay number visually. Finally, a full-meal for Balayya fans and Nandamuri fans.

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