PNS Ghazi Found In Visakhapatnam Harbour Today; Many Pakistan Secrets Revealed

The flagship underwater vessel (submarine) of Pakistan’s inventory – PNS Ghazi which sank near Visakhapatnam Harbour was found near the entrance of the city’s port, at a depth of 28m from the sea surface while the divers of Indian Navy have been conducting regular dives. Pakistan version of PNS Ghazi submarine sank mystery is different from India’s version of PNS Ghazi submarine sank mystery. Here we’ve listed a few unknown facts of PNS Ghazi sank.

Unknown Facts Behind 1971 Underwater Indo-Pak War

  • According to the reports, PNS Ghazi submarine participated in many Indo-Pak wars including the underWater war in 1971 near the Visakhapatnam harbour sank in the waters of Visakhapatnam harbour.
  • Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi sank with total of 93 men including Pakistan Naval officer Commander Zafar Muhammad Khan, 11 commissioned officers and 82 Non-commissioned officers.

  • Naval officer Commander Zafar Muhammad Khan done graduation in Electrical Engineering from Karachi University. He served as a Electrical Engineer officer (EEO) in PNS Ghazi and actively participated in Indo-Pak war.
  • PNS Ghazi was assigned to find sink INS Vikrant and lay mines on India’s Eastern seaboard with or without accomplishing the primary objective.
  • PNS Ghazi quietly sailed out of the Karachi Harbour on November 14, 1971 even though it is experiencing regular equipment failures and maintenance facilities.
  • Ghazi started looking for Vikrant on November 23 off Madras.

  • Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi was sank at 00:10 hours.
  • According to the Pakistan media reports, “it was the accidental detonation of its own mines that destroyed the Ghazi and not INS Rajput’s depth charges.”
  • According to the Indian reports, the two depth charges launched by the Captain of Destroyer Rajput struck the submarine that was already in a steep dive causing Ghazi to hit seabed hard when it bottomed.

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