Simple Ways To Learn English And Earn Happiness: You Will Be Amazed For Sure

Even if you slept through English class, it’s never too late to appreciate a good poem. You’ll be so glad you did.

Poetry enables you feel the happiness around.

From a world of imaginary and vivid reality, poetry makes you travel in the world of our own dreams. It stretches our limits of imagination to a higher levels of understanding reality. In a brief, it enhances the ability to think, create wonders with words, and also reduces anxiety and stress. Poetry has an insipid habit of absorbing the reader and getting a poet out of them.

So what happens when you read a poem everyday?

  • It certainly calms the mind and enables to think in a different perspective towards the world.
  • It stills the unrest soul. When you have an extended thought and a presentable philosophy, it grows your extent of imagination and ideology.
  • It also help you enjoy moments again and again.
  • It records moments in words and memories flashes while you read them.
  • Poems are made of emotions. From Happiness to Joy. From Sad to Despair.

“O what a physical effect it has on me
To dive forever into the light blue sea.”

-Kenneth Koch’s “In Love With You,”


The rhyme pushes some emotional disturbances into your mind when you read it.

Feel the poet’s imaginary world in every poem you read. By comparing Love with an Ocean, poet explains his vivid emotions in a line.

Poetry makes us more Creative

A poem consumes very little of your time but it will certainly leave you thoughtful, reflective and even happier than you were before investing in it. Try some and have sun.


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