4 Steps To Deal With Tough Phases In Life

When you are too close to a painting you see lot of colors, life is the same way, it’s only when we step back that we see the true picture, the perfect beauty. Quoting Tupac,” Even though you are fed up, you got to keep your head up”. Therefore, passing through tough times in life can be easy. All you have to do is keep these 4 tips to help you get through the tough phase in your life.


Letting Go Is Not A Weakness:

Imagine i hold a water bottle filled with water for a few minutes, what will happen. Apparently nothing. Imagine what if i hold it for a longer duration let’s say for few hours, eventually my arm will hurt. And what if i hold the bottle for 24 hours, my arm would be practically paralyzed to an extreme pain. Notice the weight of the bottle did not change the whole time. The only thing that changed was how long I was holding it. The lesson from this situation is that the weight of the bottle represents our challenges, our problems, our worries, our anxiety, our uncertainty, the longer we hold it the more pain it will cause us.

Forgiveness and the ability of letting go and the ability to rise above the challenges caused by helping us in passing through the tough times. We need to learn to accept the apologies that we never received. By holding any negative feeling for another individual simply harms the thinking of our own self.

Fix What’s Broken Rather Than Throwing It Away:

Once a couple was asked how they managed to stay together for 65 years and their response was quite unique. They said we lived in a time where if something was broken we would fix it and not throw it away. A lot of problems would disappear if we stop talking about each other and started talking to each other. We all need to find someone who makes us want to change our life and not just our relationship status. Finding someone that makes us want to be our best finding some with whom we can build an empire with. You need to go out and find them which will help you in dealing with a tough phase in life.

Build A Life, Not A Resume:

A university professor started out his class by taking out a 2000rs note and asking the class how many wanted the note? Apparently 100 hands went up. He then crunched the note with his hand and asked how many wanted it now? Apparently all 100 hands went up. He then chucked the note on the floor. He screwed it with his shoe and then picked up the dirt covered note and asked how many of you want the note? Surprisingly all 100 hands were still up.

He then said you have learnt an important lesson, no matter how much I crumpled the note, how much I scrunched it up, how many times it was trodden on, you still wanted it because it was worth two thousand rupees. In the same way the note held its value so do you? No matter how many times life will tread on you, life will crumple you, you will always keep your value, knowledge, and eternity that exists that spark will never be taken away.

Never Stop Learning:

The story goes that Marcus Aurelius hired an assistant to follow him as he roamed through the Roman Town Square whose only job was to whenever Marcus was praised he was to whisper to his ear that you’re just a man, you are just a man. They say two things define us our patience when we have nothing and our humility when we have everything.

Our mind and often what limits our learning is that we believe that we already know, that we already have knowledge, we already believe that we have the answer. That’s why we said that judging is critical but observing can be educational. Therefore I believe we should never stop learning for the horizons of knowledge are yet to be discovered for our true self are the tips to help you get through a tough phase.

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8 Comments on "4 Steps To Deal With Tough Phases In Life"

  1. So true..!! 😘

  2. This article touched my heart

  3. Totally practical carrying great message.Keep on writing such articles.

  4. Very excellent God bless u all the best dear

  5. Very good article

  6. Few things we already know, but forget while struggling our life. I wish everything had a BGM in our life, to make it more interesting. Few things I can quote never be a lion or tiger. Why because, . . .? check out my post here. Success has been redefined by everyone. Some says its a form a income and other says it’s a form of respect. But this post made few things clear. Success is to die peacefully and happily with no regrets.

  7. Very true. Couldn’t b more effective in showing light in dark moments 👌

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