The Future Visits Our Present

AI meets human

Aren’t we fascinated to hear about robots or Artificial Intelligence in the famous movies like Iron Man series and Avengers. Yes, who doesn’t???!!! When Robert Jr. Downey in his Iron Man suit, arrives flying out of no where and speaking to his AI, Jarvis. Woah! that’s a moment of goosebumps.

The similar scenario happened somewhere over the globe and that somewhere is the famous Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Ashok Goel, who was a renounced professor has revealed recently that he had employed an IBM Watson built robot as his teaching assistant. Reminding the great IBM Watson platform which had achieved many remarkable milestones including robots in retail stores, virtual assistants, chatbots, and many more. And “JILL WATSON“, the teaching assistant was one of their creation which is capable of answering question in a forum, mailing students important upcoming dates in a way that is more human.

And more over, the students never found out that they were interacting with a humanoid artificial intelligence. And Goel stated that Jill will be answering 40% of all the questions posted by students within an year allowing the humans to handle even complex technical questions.

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