Try Not To Feel Jealous Of Sumiko Iwamuro; A 82 Year-Old DJ

We often come across several old-aged people who prefers to take rest instead of struggling much. Particularly, DJ which disturbs the peace of mind is an enemy for most of the old aged people.

Due to this, many of our grandparents object listening music in their premises which disappoints us. If you belong to the same category, introduce Sumirock‘s lifestyle to your granny.

Unlike other grannies, who always suffers from some or other medical emergencies, Sumiko Iwamuro mixes jazz and bygone styles to express her love towards music.

Sumiko Iwamuro involved in gyoza (dumpling) restaurant until her husband’s death. Later, at an age of 70, she took DJ training program for a year to turn DJ.

The 82-year old granny, who goes by ‘DJ Sumirock‘ is currently working as a DJ in hottest nightclubs of Tokyo.

(Image & Video Courtesy: Twitter & Youtube)

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