Water Crisis – An economic crisis or a civil war?!?!?

In every era in India, water plays a critical role in development. From Mughals to Britishers, by experience, our ancestors learned how to save water and completing the needs of others and ourselves. At that time, sharing potable water was not a business but a gesture of helping each other and society. However, present time depicts otherwise. Should we say that India is on the verge of civil war and economic stress?

India has only 4 percent of world’s fresh water but has a share of 16% in the global population. This shows that we do not have sufficient fresh water for every individual. Even 76 million people are living without having safe drinking water. This water stress is leading to an economic loss for Indian Government. For fulfilling the needs of water, women of India are spending 150 million workdays every year resulting in the national loss of income of INR 10 billion/ 160 million USD.

States of India like Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan are severely hit by water stress or even drought. The ongoing water shortage in Tamil Nadu’s district Madurai and Dindigul have caused the death of Indian Gaurs a.k.a Indian Bison. According to the reports of DNA, 17,000 villages in Rajasthan are going through water crisis and water is transported through rail in Bhilwara and by tankers in other areas.

Recently, India has witnessed a quarrel between two states for water i.e. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Tamil Nadu said that there was a shortfall of 5.966 TMC feet of water from Karnataka’s end, in violation of the SC orders regarding the proper release of water from the Cauvery River. This could be marked as a beginning of civil war. Madhya Pradesh is also gazing at a drought-like condition for the continuous second year.​

To tackle these scary issues on Water, the government of India has taken initiatives. These initiatives have a soul target of cleaning the water and save water.

Some of them are:

  1. The National Water Policy
  2. Bharat Nirman
  3. Humara Jal, Humara Jeevan
  4. National Water Mission

In the end, we ourselves have to take steps to save water. There are techniques like rainwater harvesting system, which helps to store water and rejuvenate the groundwater. As the Benjamin Franklin said, “When the well is dry, we will know the worth of water.”

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