Truth Behind Reverse ATM Pin Myth Of Alerting Police

When we are encountered with some robbery inside an ATM and were bounded to hand over some amount, we’re said to type the ATM pin in reverse so that it sends an alert to the police. But is that true?

Typing a reverse ATM pin can do more harm.

We might also have heard some alternatives like it alerts the bank and the door locks itself. But guys, trust me it’s just a MYTH.

Typing pin in reverse doesn’t do any shit in real life scenarios. It just alerts you a message and also can be very dangerous when the robber can find out your not so smart move and can harm you physically, which can be hazardous and fatal.

So the next time when you were at an ATM make sure that you’re the only person in the room. And by bad luck, if any robber attacks you, just give the money he asks for and save yourself.

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