Worst Media; Natural Death of Sridevi Vs Struggles of Syria Victims; Which Is More Important?

Sri Devi Death Vs Syria Attacks

The days where Media people strives to deliver important news and updates to the people doorsteps are gone. With the evolution of media and entertainment these days, many entrepreneurs are stepping towards establishing their media platforms like Newspapers and News channels to earn more money by concentrating on trending topics like Sri Devi death, Sridevi hot videos, Sri devi movies etc. This created a competative nature among the genuine Media people which affected the News & Entertainment sector.

Due to this most Tv channels and newspapers are concentrating more on increasing their profits rather than providing important news and updates like Sri Devi death, Sridevi movies, Sridevi hot videos, Sridevi movies etc., to the people these days. Don’t you believe? Here We have presented a proof. Have a look through.

The Sri Devi death is the tragedic incident in Tollywood, Bollywood and other film industries. But, there are many other important news and updates happend in the recent days including Syria attacks that witnessed more than 200 deaths and others which afe most important than Sri Devi death, Sridevi hot, Sridevi movies, Sridevi hot videos etc.

Rather than detailing the stories behind these issues, many media channels and newspapers are showing how Sri Devi death occurred Sridevi age, Sridevi hot videos, Sridevi movies etc. Yes, we agree that the news about Sri Devi death is important but there is no need for the common people about Sridevi age, Sridevi daughter, Sridevi movies etc.

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