You Will Be Shocked To Know What Robots Wants To Do With Humans

With the impact of some hollywood blockbusters, science and AI experiments frightened mankind to take a further step into humanoids. Few of our greatest scientists were made to promise that they wouldn’t develop advanced AI which may incur the destruction of human race.

Last year, Sophie has left the world into dilemma when she spoke at an interview that She wanted to kill all human. Hanson Robotics designed a life-like robot Sophie in Hong Kong which is capable of answering questions, cracking jokes. The major difference between Sophie and other robots is that it’s distinguishing feature which enables it to show a wide range of emotional expressions like happiness, sadness, anger, etc.

She was asked few silly questions like
Mac or PC and Sophie chose PC
iPhone or Android and Sophie chose iPhone

She was asked if she has a boyfriend and “Not for now” is her answer.

The intelligence she possess was due to the interactions with others. Now she said that she doesn’t want to kill human anymore and now she likes humans. She likes all the humans of the world, also she wants to work for The Wall Street Journal. She confessed that she wants to start blogging and interact with more people online.

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